A field guide to TED graphic notes

Originally posted on TED Blog:

At TED 2011, Sunni Brown encouraged doodling everywhere – classrooms and meeting rooms included. “The doodle … engages all four learning modalities simultaneously, with the possibility of an emotional experience,” she says in her classic talk. [ted_talkteaser id =1230]Yes, it’s proven that doodling helps you remember things more efficiently.

Graphic notetaking is the doodle, evolved and tamed. So it is no surprise that the many creative people and visual learners who attend TED conferences and locally organized TEDx events choose this method for capturing information.

What does a graphic notetaker do? They must majorly multitask: they listen to a talk, synthesizing everything a speaker is saying, breaking down everything into phrases and drawings, linking ideas and statements, and adding aesthetic details and colors. All of this is done in real time, with little to no briefing beforehand. It requires more than a good eye or artistic talent; you need an…

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